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Auckland's favourite fabricators

The fantastic plastic manufacturer

Plasfab Installations (1977) Ltd has been a leading innovator in Auckland's plastics industry for many years. Specialising as fabricators of unique acrylic and polycarbonates, we produce prototypes for clients from a diverse range of industries. We support engineers and design teams with unrivalled fabrication and high-quality materials. Contact our team in Auckland today to hear more about our services.

Production & Advice

We provide a range of plastic products and services and specialise in the fabrication of fume cupboards, laboratory and photographic equipment. We can even install and repair chemical pipelines in a safe and efficient manner.

We only use quality products to ensure longevity, and can provide a variety of product and service packages to suit your needs and budget.

Quality development

Plasfab Installations (1977) Ltd has a team of plastics fabricators that proudly stand behind all of our materials and fabricated parts, ensuring unmatched performance and long-lasting value in any application.

Our ongoing research and development allows us to continually introduce new materials and make existing products even better. We'll make sure our products offer the right fit and properties for your project in Auckland.

Customer service

As well-renowned plastics fabricators in Auckland, our focus is on building enduring relationships with our customers.

Earning that trust drives everything that we do - supplying materials and parts of the highest quality and with cost-effective approaches. We are passionate about continuing to produce the best products and services to propel your success.
plastic bottles made by Auckland fabricators
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